About Studio Dentaire


STUDIO DENTAIRE, or Dental Studio when translated in English, is a dental clinic that has the appearance of a photo gallery, but its basic operations are providing dental dental care and treatments by dentists and hygienists. The clinic opened its doors in October 1999 with one of the referring dentists, Dr Anto Youssef, who still practices there currently. Today, STUDIO DENTAIRE's dynamic team is ready to meet the needs of its patients and offer distinguished services.

PommeOne of the goals of this website is to give objective information to its visitors seeking dental tips and advice. There is a wide range of topics, including all the various dental problems that can commonly occur, as well as the treatments available at STUDIO DENTAIRE and elsewhere. This information is intended to help readers make choices about treatments that can improve their own and their children's oral health.

STUDIO DENTAIRE works with its patients in order to help them obtain a beautiful smile as well as healthy teeth and gums.

Dr Alireza ToussiDr. Alireza Toussi became a dentist in 2008, having studied at the University of Montreal as well. He joined the Studio Dentaire team in 2009. Since he's been practicing, he also attends several trainings because his professional passion develops a desire to stay up to date on different techniques and sciences of dentistry.

Dr. Alireza Toussi has an adventurous side. He likes to explore the world, especially South America. He is devoted to his work, but takes a few weeks each year to go to discover a new nations and a new cultures, returning with exciting stories of his odysseys.

Dr Anto YoussefDr. Anto Youssef is the dentist that founded Studio Dentaire. No longer working at the clinic, he remains a contribuing blogger for Studio Dentaire, taking care of all the posted articles.

For professional information on Dr Anto Youssef as a dentist, please visit his website.